Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NYC Meet & Eat - February!

Hi again everyone! If you are anywhere in the vicinity of New York, this is for you: get out your calendars, Slingshots, PDAs, whatever you use to keep track of your oh-so-busy social lives and reserve the afternoon of Sunday, February 24th.

That's right! Wheeler and several coolers full of his famous vegan treats will be returning to the city for another ice cream social. Hopefully this time the weather won't be so very chilly.

We don't have a location for this event yet, because we're on the lookout for one. If you know of a space that can accommodate 50-60 people, and that is preferably in Manhattan or Brooklyn, please tell us! Your basement, a gazebo somewhere warm, just let us know!


Anonymous said...

Is 1/2 a cup of the other flavors (for example, the Kahlua or the chocolate-chocolate chip) comparable to the calorie amount in the vanilla, or is it significantly more? Thanks!