Monday, January 21, 2008

WOW! Thank you, New York!

Hi again! We were totally blown away by the amazing number of people who came to our ice cream party yesterday in New York. THANK YOU GUYS! Somewhere around 200 people showed up (kudos to the 70 or so who actually RSVP'd!) and braved the windy, chilly weather. It was about 24°F, and you guys came to eat ice cream? Now that's some love.

It was a party to remember, for sure. Next time, we're going to try to organize some better way of reserving spots and time slots, so everyone gets a proper taste. More info on that as our next meetup approaches, which will be some time in February.

Speaking of our next meetup, we would be ever so grateful if you toddled on over to and joined one of our meetup groups. There's only ones up for now for Boston and NYC, but they're absolutely the best way to get all the details on what's going on, when, and gives us a much more accurate idea of how many people to expect (and therefore, how much ice cream to bring to events). Just plug in "vegan" for interest and your (Massachusetts or New York) zipcode to find us. Bonus! Find other cool groups in your area!

And hey, if anyone has pictures from the event, could you please send some to us? We'll post them here and totally give you proper due., guys.

And last, but absolutely not least, we want to thank Hanna for all her help and generously letting us throw our party in her space. She is definitely a candidate for vegan sainthood, and we really do appreciate everything she's done for us. Thanks, Hanna! You're the coolest ever.