Friday, January 11, 2008

Just letting the haters know....

Regarding some of the concerns with our last post, we would like to make a few clarifications. WE ARE STILL A VEGAN COMPANY.

Because we are vegans, some ice cream company CEO's believe that we are "weak". This is obviously untrue. We are just putting all of the haters on notice that we CAN make other frozen dessert products.

Wheeler's Private Stock however must be labeled because of children. Those who have tasted our alcohol ice creams know they are nice. We will be creating a new blog for those who like to get their drink on with VEGAN products!

Wheeler's Sorbets all 100% VEGAN!

So if anyone needs further clarifications, call Wheeler. His number is (617) 216-9087, and he'll be happy to talk with you!

Anyway, to be completely honest, these multi-million dollar corporations DO have a reason to be concerned with us. Have you tasted our ice cream?


amy said...

why do you feel the need to respond to ridiculous claims of propriety over the term "ice cream?" and what do you hope to accomplish by proving that you can make dairy desserts?

it seems like, in choosing to respond to some larger companies, you are alienating a good chunk of your potentially fervent support base.

this makes good business sense how?

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

Give Wheeler a call at 617-216-9087.

Gina said...

how can you announce you're going to make dairy ice creams and still insist you're a vegan company!?