Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Review! ChocolateCoveredVegan

Hello all! We've been lucky enough to have a wonderful brand new write-up about several of our flavors by the lovely ChocolateCoveredVegan over at her blog. It was totally awesome (and flattering), plus, she managed to do some fantastic PR work by having skeptical non-vegans eat some Wheeler's and, you guessed it, they loved it. Check out her post here...

And the pictures! They tell the whole story, and it all ends with some big smiles. Yay!

"Ignoring her whining, I set a container of PiƱa Colada in front of her. She reluctantly picked up a spoon and, scowling at me, placed a tiny amount of ice cream on her tongue. Watching her face in the next few seconds was priceless-- her expression quickly changed from distrust... to disbelief... to sheer delight."

Thanks so much, ChocolateCoveredVegan! You've done a great job, and we're glad your friends like it, too!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aww thanks :o). And thanks again for the amazing beyond amazing vegan ice cream... my non-vegan friends are STILL talking about it!