Monday, January 7, 2008

Be a Wheeler's Taste Tester! Volunteers needed now!

Hello vegan ice cream lovers!

Have we got some exciting news for you! Wheeler's Black Label is going to be testing out a bunch of new flavors for the new year, and we're hoping that they'll be successful enough to take the vegan dessert world by storm and kick some booty. To do this, we need your help! Yes, you, gentle citizen of the internet!

Wheeler has decided to expand our test kitchen taste testers beyond us humble office staff and any random people in the vicinity of Wheeler's HQ.

We need volunteers to organize Wheeler's Tasting Teams in cities all over the US. As a representative of your city's team, you, the leader, will be responsible for rounding up a group of articulate connoisseurs who love ice cream and can give honest, constructive feedback, and hold formal ice cream tasting events for our new flavors. Wheeler's will send each team leader sample packs of different ice creams, the team leader will document critiques for our designers, send them back to us, and you'll have been a part of the process that makes Wheeler's the best vegan ice cream around!

Interested tasters and team leaders should shoot us an email ( telling us what city you can represent, and how you plan to conduct this event!

Good luck!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Wow, this is too cool! You will be hearing from me....

Mikaela said...

Dewd... This is so rad! :D

VeganLisa said...

If you decide to expand to Canada I could round up a number of articulate vegan ice cream lovers in Toronto.