Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wheeler's Nutritional Info Compared to "Regular" Ice Creams

We all love dessert. And we definitely love a dessert that's good for us. Well, at least one that isn't bad for one's health. We know it's probably been a while since most of you readers ate cow's milk ice cream, but here's a reminder of how much better for you our non-dairy ice cream is than the average ice cream.

OK, ready for some numbers? Here goes. All data is for 4oz (1/2 a cup) of vanilla ice cream.

This is the nutritional breakdown for a 4oz. serving of Wheeler's ice cream.
80 Calories
1.5g Fat
0g Protein
17g Carbohydrates
7mg Sodium
0g Cholesterol
11g Sugars
0g Fiber

Here's the nutritional breakdown for the same size serving of Ben & Jerry's (Original Vanilla)
240 Calories
16g Fat
4g Protein
21g Carbohydrates
75mg Cholesterol

60mg Sodium
19g Sugars
0g Fiber

And for Haagen-Dazs...
270 Calories
18g Fat
0g Protein
21g Carbohydrates
120mg Cholesterol
70mg Sodium
21g Sugars
0g Fiber

But what about actually going out for ice cream? Here's the info on Cold Stone...
264 Calories
15.4g Fat

4g Protein
25.7g Carbohydrates
60mg Cholesterol
60mg Sodium
22.4g Sugars
0g Fiber

Is frozen yogurt any better? A little I guess, but not much. TCBY information here.
164 Calories
3.5g Fat

4.7g Protein
26.9g Carbohydrates
18mg Cholesterol
70mg Sodium
23.4g Sugars
0g Fiber

For this last one, I am being true to the ounce. Since no Dairy Queen cone comes in 4oz like the rest of our data, for a reference, 3oz is the child's size, and 5oz is a small. So pretend you didn't quite finish that small cone. Here's what you got.
192 Calories
6g Fat

4.4g Protein
30.4g Carbohydrates
18mg Cholesterol
92mg Sodium
22g Sugars
0g Fiber

We know we're preaching to the vegan choir here, but even if you don't care about animals, or don't have any dietary condition that makes dairy a Bad Thing, the numbers don't lie. If you're going to be eating some delicious frozen dessert, it should be Wheeler's, for your health.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free Wheelin' - Adventures in Vegan Living: Surf's Up!

Hello all! We at Wheeler's know that while veganism as a lifestyle is affirming and positive, vegans tend to get pigeonholed as people who are either too uptight, or difficult, or (the most inaccurate of all) don't like to have fun. Or can't have fun. Or would, but won't because we like to deprive ourselves.

So, in order to correct these very wrong notions, and to add some variety to this blog, we're going to post about some of the very vegan adventures that Wheeler has. He's into surfing, among other things, and attended the Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz, CA.

Now, even though the event wasn't specifically veg*n, a lot of the people Wheeler talked to were vegan or at least vegetarian.

Then he hit the beach.

Good times were had by all. If you'd like to read more about any of the adventures and activities we write about, make sure to check out the end of each post: we'll make sure to link to some recommended book and stuff on amazon. Like so:

THe Surfer Spirit by Cynthia Derosier (Author), Tim Anderson (Author), John Bilderback (Photographer)
Surfer's Start-up: A Beginners Guide to Surfing by Block Surf
Surfing and the Meaning of Life by Ben Marcus
Stoked! A History of Surf Culture and The Way of the Surfer: Living It 1935 to Tomorrow both by Drew Kampion
History of Surfing by Nat Young
The Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warshaw
Pipe Dreams: A Surfer's Journey by Kelly Slater
Surfer's Code by Shaun Tomson and Patrick Moser

Also there's Green Wave Eco-Surf Company and NVS Surf, two really cool and completely environment conscious companies that make and sell all manner of surf accessories and eco-friendly boards.

Keep an eye out also for the guys over at A Black Surfer's Story, a documentary about black surfers. True fact: 2 out of 3 of creative forces behind this docu are vegans.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Site Launched:

Hello Ice Cream fans!

We have completely redesigned and launched our website at It's now much more informative, and pretty to look at, too! We've also debuted on the site a full list of all our flavors, and let me tell you, they're fantastic.

Wheeler's also hopes all our newfound American vegan blog friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Have fun, and don't OD on Tofurkey.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Wheeler's at the New York Meet-up

We loved the New York Meet-up! Thanks so much to the people who came out and met with us yesterday. We really hope you enjoyed our ice cream. We're still working hard to get our product available in restaurants in stores, but hopefully with all of your support, it will finally happen. Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wheeler's at the Cultural Survival Bazaar

Hello all! We here at Wheeler's think that the rights of indigenous peoples are very important. Cultural Survival is an awesome organization (based out of Cambridge, MA) that works to preserve native heritage. To this end, they have organized multiple bazaars that specifically showcase indigenous culture and craft.

Wheeler's is excited to announce that we will be participating in the 29th Annual Winter Bazaar. We'll be serving up samples and cups, so make sure you stop by for treats and indigenous crafts!

Details:December 8-9, from 11-7pm at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. (Super easy on the T: just hop on any Green Line except for E and take it straight to Hynes/ICA.)

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream Reviewed by Conscious Kitchen!

Emilie from The Conscious Kitchen has given us a wonderful review on her blog - check it out! Thanks Emilie!

Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream, Brownie Sundae Edition

Those reading The Conscious Kitchen this summer might know that in May I came into ossession of a very fine commercial grade ice cream maker and promptly got obsessed with ice cream. As much as I love to be involved in the process of making my own food though, there may soon be a very attractive sale on a commercial grade ice cream maker since I can't imagine ever needing it again now that there is Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream. I know I tend toward the effusive when it comes to talking about desserts in general, but let me tell you this is highly delicious stuff.

Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Creams just debuted last month at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and if there's anyone who knows from vegan things taking over the world, it's Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who upon tasting some of Wheeler's offerings appointed them grand high rulers of the Festival. "The best ice cream you’ve (n)ever had," she said, before describing the perfection of this ice cream's texture and taste, at which point vegans the world over burst into tears for lack of a carton of Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream to stick their faces in. First stop New England though and the world will just have to wait to be conquered by Wheeler's.

I would advocate that they work out an appropriate face to carton of delicious vegan ice cream ratio for the greater Boston area (I'd say 1:2 is a good starting place) before spreading their goods out across the country, but Wheeler's is already working on getting into a number of restaurants all over New England and throughout New York City. With any luck though they will also soon get approval to move forward on their Kendall Square, Cambridge ice cream shop. Until then though, access to their ice creams is limited to select number of restaurants, which they list on their blog. This being the digital age however, and me being the lucky recipient of a few tasting pints, you may continue to feast your eyes on Wheeler's through the pictures of a few brownie sundaes that I recently got to put together with their ice cream. If it were in my power to enable lickable blogging technology for this post, I surely would, but alas, you will have to fire up your imaginations because although you certainly may lick your screens, it won't do you any good.

This is Wheeler's Piña Colada ice cream, which has the same lusciously smooth and dense texture as all of their other ice creams and features a bright pineapple flavor with an alcoholic rum tang. The coconut flavor is really very light in this ice cream, which is nice and lets the heady tropical pineapple come through, making it perhaps more like the original Piña Colada drink, which was first made without the coconut cream that is a standard feature of it now. The drink was first served with strained (colada) pineapple (piña), lime, sugar, ice and rum, how the coconut came to be added, I don't know, but I prefer it without even though I like coconut, a lot.

I topped an intensely dark brownie with the piña colada ice cream, some finely shaved coconut, lightly toasted cashews and pepitas, candied pineapple and thin slices of candied kumquat that I brought back from Barcelona. To finish, I gave it a dollop of whipped Soya Too heavy cream and drizzled some warm rum fig sauce that I made with cooked down Turkish brown figs and cane sugar. There was a lot going on, but all of the components came together like notes on a dynamic chord, some high tones, some low, but all well suited to one another with the light sweet-sour of the pineapple echoing in the intense sour-sweet of the kumquat, the rich coconut and nuts giving different levels of crunch and the honey warmth of the fig and rum melding with the rum in the ice cream. I did these brownies with Scharffen Berger chocolate too so they had a lot of tropical fruit tones, which made for a nice pairing.

Wheeler's makes a point of the fact that they use a means of producing ice cream that was developed in 1832 by Augustus Jackson. Jackson is sometimes credited as the inventor of ice cream, but in fact, the African-American former White House chef is responsible not for inventing ice cream, but for inventing the modern method of manufacturing ice cream, uniquely employing ice mixed with salt to lower the temperature of his ingredients and provide greater control over the freezing process. He never applied for a patent but moved to Philadelphia where he became rather wealthy through distributing tin cans of his ice creams to ice cream parlors. His successes with ice cream earned him the title of the "father of ice cream," though it appears to actually have been a woman, a freed slave in Wilmington by the name of Sallie Shadd, who in 1813 first popularized ice cream in America through her catering business, which ultimately supplied ice creams to the Madison White House, where the First Lady was a serious fan.

However they do it though, the result is certainly unique and yields a perfectly even, delicately meltable ice cream. It's not just the texture, the flavor too catapults Wheeler's to the head of the vegan ice cream class. In this espresso ice cream (pictured above), the bold coffee aroma hits you like a trickle of steam off of a freshly brewed espresso with a small spoonful of golden-brown sugar in the raw stirred in. There's a lovely crunch in it from the roasted coffee beans and a deep dark coffee flavor throughout. I paired this with a Frangelico glazed brownie, paper thin toasted hazelnut shavings, dark chocolate shavings, a hazelnut cream sauce and whipped cream. Hazelnut, chocolate and coffee has to be one of my favorite flavor combinations ever.

A classic challenger for favorite flavor combo though would have to be chocolate mint. The bright, clean minty scent of Wheeler's white chocolate chip mint ice cream made me a little nervous at first since it just about cleared out my fall allergy afflicted sinuses. I was afraid it would have an over-bearing artificial mint flavor, but the taste is subtler than the smell. It's strong, no doubt, but has real dimension and complexity, not the flat chemical taste of most artificial flavoring. The white chocolate chips didn't come through too much in my sample, but I remedied that by adding a handful of white chocolate, as well as some chopped chocolate mint candy to the sundae. A plain dark chocolate sauce made with my favorite chocolate bar of the moment, Dagoba's single origin Peruvian Milagros 68%, a warm, velvety floral bar with a soft dark chocolate flavor, went well to round out the bold flavors of this sundae.

I scooped this out with two different sizes of ice cream scoop to get some visual contrast on this very geometrically precise looking sundae. I can't be sure, but my ice cream scoops are probably derived at least in part from the design ofAlfred L. Cralle, an African-American inventor, who applied for patent number 576,395 in 1897 for his ice cream scoop. His designs are still in common use today.

There, I thought a close up on a corner of the decadently rich and crackly-topped brownie might help you deal with the brain freeze you might have from having devoured so much ice cream, even in digital form. Actually, only about 30% of the population seems to get brain freeze, also known as "ice cream headaches," from eating ice cream. Brain freeze is caused when a very cold substance comes in contact with the roof of a warm mouth. The shocking change in temperature causes the body to vasoconstrict (reducing the diameter of blood vessels) and limiting blood flow in order to minimize heat loss. All of this activity gets transmitted to the brain as pain, thus ice cream headache.

Despite my own brain freeze/ice cream headaches during these brownie sundae experimentations, I was compelled to go on, though I depleted my supply of Wheeler's. It seemed that some comparison sundaes were in order. Purely Decadent Soy Delicous Ice Cream had been my favorite commercially available ice cream and there happened to be a pint of Turtle Tracks in the freezer. Turtle Tracks is a rich vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered chunks of nut and caramel. In keeping with my recent experimentations with caramel, this seemed to call out for a Caramel Apple Sundae.

A chocolate sauce on the plate, a brownie, two scoops of Turtle Tracks, a mound of whipped cream, a generous spoonful of heavily spiced roasted apple sauce, slivers of a nutmeg infused caramel apple and chocolate shavings completed this sundae. I knew the flavors of chocolate and nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon go together really well and that those spices paired with apple work wonders too, my only concern was the apple with the chocolate. Surprisingly, they go together quite nicely. The tart juicy apple and buttery spiced caramel were nice foils for the deep chocolate flavor and a good point of contrast in terms of textures: a crisp bite from the apple, chewiness from the caramel, and meltingly moist brownie.

The apple wasn't for everyone though, so I did a simple chocolate caramel sundae with just a tiny twist in the nutmeg that was infused in the caramel and tiny bit of freshly ground spice over the chocolate shavings. These sundaes were enjoyable and dynamic, but lacked the smooth, fresh quality that the Wheeler's brought. I never before would have described Purely Decadent as "icy" but after the Wheeler's you really could taste the ice crystals and the slight wateriness.

And finally, I got just a tiny bit of the batch of butternut ice cream that Wheeler's whipped up. It was more butterscotch than butternut, but that is a-okay by me. Lacking enough to do a sundae with it, I sandwiched it with my favorite cookie of the moment, a fresh ginger cookie that is really soft and spicy, a good fall complement to the butternut. If I had more of the butternut, I would have given this sandwich a much thicker layer and let it set up longer to firm, but as it was this was just a thin hint of the delicious possibilities.

There's a popular understanding in Boston that as a metro-area we are tops in the States when it comes to consumption rates for ice cream. I can't actually find any verification of this, though I did come across this snip from a Pheonix (our alternative weekly) interview with Ben and Jerry from, uh, Ben and Jerry's:

Q: Is it true that Boston has one of the highest ice-cream-consumption rates in the country?

Ben: I believe that’s correct.

Q: Why do you think that is?

B: Why do you think that is, Jerry?

Jerry: I’ve never had any idea why that is.

All of which is to say, when Wheeler's opens its doors in Cambridge, we will lay waste to their supply of vegan ice cream. The Pumpkin, the White Russian, the Peanut Butter, their Classic Vanilla, the Rum Raisin, and the Espresso, we will eat it all and love it.

- - -

All words and photos courtesy of Emilie from The Conscious Kitchen.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Introducing The South Side Sundae featuring celebrity-inspired Kanye West Ice Cream + Common Ice Cream

Wheeler’s Black Label Vegan Ice Cream is announcing our first, brand-new, celebrity inspired sundae! Coined “The South Side Sundae,” the sundae is our tribute to artists Kanye West and Common (who happens to be a vegan!)

A swirl of two delicious, specialty vegan ice cream flavors, the South Side Sundae is made with one scoop of Kanye West ice cream consisting of Platinum Patrón and a hint of Cayenne pepper - oh it’s hot! – coupled with a double scoop of Common ice cream, made with a rich espresso and topped with Soyatoo vegan whipped cream.

Wheeler's on

We're headed up to NYC tomorrow to speak to many, many restaurant owners in hopes of getting our ice cream to the New Yorkers! Wish us the best of luck and check out this great blog Jason Das posted about us on SuperVegan:

Wheeler's Black Label Ice Cream In New York City!
by Jason Das
November 9, 2007 3:10pm

Well, potentially. They're talking to a big long list of local restaurants. Hopefully all these places (and more) will decide to carry the stuff. Wheeler's is the best vegan ice cream I've ever tasted.

Wheeler's is now available at Bob's Southern Bistro in Boston, and they're working on distribution elsewhere in Beantown as well as in Providence (yay Julian's!), and Vermont.

If you know anyone responsible for buying at any restaurants, do yourself (and the rest of us) a huge favor and ask them to carry Wheeler's Black Label Ice Cream!

Thanks Jason!

Wheeler's in New York

Wheeler's is officially coming to New York! We're working on it, anyway. Here's the list of places we've spoken with, and to whom we'll be delivering samples this week.

V Spot
156 5th Avenue // Brooklyn

Vegetarian Palate
258 Flatbush Avenue // Brooklyn

Wild Ginger Brooklyn
212 Bedford Avenue // Brooklyn

Red Bamboo Brooklyn
271 Adelphi Street // Brooklyn

The Lucky Cat
245 Grand Street // Brooklyn

Second Helpings
448 9th Street // Brooklyn

Food Swings (Site currently under construction.)
295 Grand Street // Brooklyn

Uptown Juice Bar
54 W. 125th Street // Manhattan

Viva Herbal Pizzeria
179 2nd Avenue // Manhattan

Wild Ginger Manhattan
380 Broome Street // Manhattan

Zen Palate (Financial District location)
104 John Street // Manhattan

Hummus Place (Upper West Side location)
303 Amsterdam Avenue // Manhattan

Quantum Leap
226 Thompson Street // Manhattan

1312 2nd Avenue // Manhattan

Soy Luck Club
115 Greenwich Avenue // Manhattan

The Organic Grill
123 First Avenue // Manhattan

Babycakes NYC
248 Broome Street // Manhattan

45 8th Avenue // Manhattan

Candle Cafe
1307 3rd Avenue // Manhattan

Caravan of Dreams
405 E. 6th Street // Manhattan

Curly's Vegetarian Lunch
328 E. 14th Street // Manhattan

177 Ludlow Street // Manhattan

401 Avenue of the Americas // Manhattan

12 E. 32nd Street // Manhattan

Health Conscious Express
45 1st Avenue // Manhattan

Red Bamboo
140 W. 4th Street // Manhattan

East West Cafe
78 5th Avenue // Manhattan

Vegan's Delight
3565 Boston Rd. // Bronx

Oneness Fountain Heart
157-19 72nd Avenue // Flushing

Singh's Roti Shop & Bar
131 Liberty Avenue // Queens

Linda's Natural Kitchen & Market
81-22 Lefferts Blvd. // Kew Gardens

Thanks for your continued support and patience. It's awesome that our reputation has preceded us, and we're working very hard to get our little indie operation off the ground and available where you want it. Once again, thank you, internet!

Wheeler's in Rhode Island

Hello! Well, never fear, ice cream fans. We've been listening to your requests, and we at Wheeler's believe in taking the ice cream to the people! So, we've been very busy this past week, and have officially delivered samples to several places in Providence, Rhode Island.

Here's where we've visited. Remember, if you're in Providence, to support your local veg*n restaurants, and ask for Wheeler's!

318 Broadway // Providence, RI

Louis Restaurant
286 Brook St, Near Brown University // Providence, RI

Nice Slice
267 Thayer St. // Providence, RI

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wheeler's Reviews

Hello Ice Cream loving people!

We've been working very hard here at Wheeler's HQ trying to get our dessert into restaurants and stores. If you haven't already read reviews of our product yet here's what a few of them had to say:

Jason Das over at's blog thought the ice cream was delicious. "My favorite food item was Wheeler's Black Label Vegan
Ice Cream. This stuff is
fucking incredible! Inspired by the pioneering work of
19th century African-American ice cream innovator
Augustus Jackson, Wheeler made his own machines to
churn out the freshest vegan ice cream I've ever
tasted. He's is planning to open a shoppe in Kendall
Square in Cambridge later this year."

Bazu at Where's the Revolution? said: "One good thing was the ice cream from the Ice
Cream Project - there was white Russian, pumpkin,
peanut butter, and many other flavors. We tried
espresso. Let's just say, this is reason enough to
feel jealous of people who live in Boston."

The word from The Post Punk Kitchen is that "And I mean the best ice cream you’ve (n)ever had. And it wasn’t just chocolate and vanilla or (god forbid) hemp and carob. Our choices were rum raisin, peanut butter, pumpkin and white russian, which tasted like a luscious liqueur spiked vanilla latte - only in creamy frozen form with a generous handful of white chocolate chips."

Know of any other places we've been reviewed? Did you write your own? We'd love to know!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wheeler's at the Boston Vegetarian Society Thanksgiving Dinners!

Boston folks, this news is for you!

Since we got such a great reception at the Boston Vegetarian Society's Food Festival, we decided to team up with them for another great event. The BVS hosts a Thanksgiving Dinner each year, and this year our delicious pumpkin, butternut squash & special holiday surprise flavors will be offered for dessert.

Arrive anytime between 4 and 10 and for a flat rate of $20.50 per person, get an awesome four course meal that showcases seasonal flavors and exotic Thai cuisine.

The dinners will be on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 from 4-10pm & Wednesday, November 21, 2007 4-10pm.
Location: My Thai Cafe Vegetarian & Bubble Tea Bistro @ 404 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA. (between Beacon St. and Comm. Ave. near Coolidge Corner; by T: take the Green Line "C" train to Coolidge Corner.)

Check out the menu page for detailed info on all the other fantastic things they'll be serving up for us Boston veggies. Everything will be 100% vegan and 100% tasty. Hope to see you there!

Wheeler's in Vermont

Greetings to all our Vermont-based friends! We know there are plenty of you who we met at the Boston Vegetarian Food Fest who were anxious to see our product in stores and restaurants near you. Well, after a series of meetings, Wheeler's has been officially pitched to the following restaurants and stores:

Vermont Soup Company
1636 Williston Rd. // South Burlington, VT

Silver Palace
1216 Williston Rd. // South Burlington, VT

Healthy Living Natural Foods
4 Market St. // South Burlington, VT

India House
207 Colchester Ave // Burlington, VT

Stone Soup
211 College St. // Burlington, VT

Vermont Pub & Brewery
144 College St. // Burlington, VT

A Single Pebble
133 Bank St. // Burlington, VT

2 Church St. // Burlington, VT

Leonardo's Pizza
83 Pearl St. // Burlington, VT

If you want to see our product in these awesome places, be sure to make your voice heard! A single request from a customer can bring delicious cruelty-free ice cream to an entire town.

Wheeler's comes to Boston restaurants!

Try Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream's delicious new flavors NOW AVAILABLE at Bob's Southern Bistro! Located at 604 Columbus Avenue, Boston, Bob's Southern Bistro will be selling two of our brand new, autumn-inspired flavors Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash. We are so excited to be finally available to all of the vegan ice cream lovers in Boston and the New England area! Enjoy!

And remember, if you want to see Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream in your favorite restaurant (veggie or no), let them know! We're currently meeting with lots of restaurant owners and trying to convince them to carry our products. Thanks for your support!