Friday, November 16, 2007

Wheeler's at the New York Meet-up

We loved the New York Meet-up! Thanks so much to the people who came out and met with us yesterday. We really hope you enjoyed our ice cream. We're still working hard to get our product available in restaurants in stores, but hopefully with all of your support, it will finally happen. Thanks again!


b36Kitchen said...

hi Wheeler's...thanks for the comment and link on your blog...I'll link you guys onto my site tonight..As an ice cream lover and maker..I would love some samples of your ice cream sent my way. I've heard great great things.


vko said...

What NY meet-up? Oh, boohoo where was I? Are you officially selling at those NY restaurants now- I am close to Candle Cafe and will run there is that is the case!

robotslingshot said...

Hello Wheeler,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the link! I've returned the favor. After reading Emilie's post at The Conscious Kitchen, I'm dying for a sample.