Friday, January 11, 2008

Vegan rules!

Just to clarify things one more time, we are 100% VEGAN. We do not make dairy ice cream or products. We will not make dairy ice cream or products!

In our original post, we were letting other "ice cream" companies know that Wheeler is highly capable of making other frozen desserts.


amy said...

you're the veganest vegan the all of vegandom. how could i have doubted you?
but next time you have a major announcement, let me proofread it first so you don't go confusing everybody again!

Anonymous said...

this whole situation is confusing and off-putting.

Gusty said...

The man said there will be no cow cream. He'll said he will making entirely vegan cream. It's darn good. Let's give it break and support this product!

madness rivera said...

Ok, after talking to you, Wheeler, I feel much better. And reassured that no dairy product is being made; you were only pushing back the big bullying companies telling them that you are very capable of competing with them. I have to tell you, the post was confusing, but I still have your back.

Anybody else who wants to talk to Wheeler, give him a call. He is very accessible and cool.

Anonymous said...

gusty, i understand that there will be no animal products involved, that's not the issue. i find the fact that it took three (including two rather long ones) posts to make that clear to be off-putting. also, i would have liked to be able to support the product but as far as i can tell there is no easily accessible product for me to support, just a lot of drama and hype.

Anonymous said...

No, you are not vegan.

get rid of Wheeler’s Frozen Yogurt, and Wheeler’s Ice Cream and you will be again.


kg2188 said...

"The Black Label will also acquire added significance. Now, all but two products will carry the Black Label, which will note that the product is Vegan. Now, before you get all flustered about us no longer being exclusively vegan, I’ll explain why we’ve chosen this course of action." & "Wheeler’s (dairy) Ice Cream" & "assume all frozen yogurts will be dairy-based"
= there is dairy and therefore not vegan

drbombay said...

Hi if all of you anonymous people would just call the company maybe they can help you understand what is going on because you ARE NOT READING the post-

drBombay said...

kg2188- Wheelers has never made any dairy product and not going to they are letting all of the "ice cream, fro-yo and all other haters that they have the ability to make any frozen dessert-

Anonymous said...

dear drbombay, people are reading what's being said, but there's a lot of confusing information to read through.
also, why is wheeler even bothering to dignify all the "haters" with a response? if the target market is vegan then why not just concentrate on that and ignore the bullshit from the dairy-based companies?

drBombay said...

How are vegans going to get the ice cream? I'm not sure if you know how things work at the market. Let's just say i own dr bombay vegan treats. i want to get it into your local store. Big Daddy ice cream(i made the name up) knows there product taste like crap. They will pay your local store so dr bombay can not get shelf space to sell better ice cream.
Vegans get stuck eating bad ice cream-

Or maybe it could be with space for rent to open a retail shop-
If Big Daddy's know Dr.Bombay is looking for retail space and they offer three times the amount that Dr Bombay was going to pay. Dr Bombay will get frozen out of the market again-

Who wins Big Daddy-
Vegans get stuck eating okay ice cream again-

As the owner of Dr Bombay vegan treats I would let Big Daddy know to cut the BS because i can make THEIR product better than they can.
Knowing that Big Daddy will have to focus on their own biz-

Anonymous said...

all the words you used there are too big, maybe you could draw a picture?

Anonymous said...

if it's so very difficult then how did temptations soy dairy get into stores? are they secretly owned by big daddy ice cream?

drBombay said...

what is the whole name of that other company?

And if you know them ask them why their "ice cream" was getting pulled out of the freezers in midwest... Chi-

drBombay said...

Anonymous said...

i guess it must be another big daddy ice cream conspiracy! everybody better watch out.

drBombay said...

i still love you-

drBombay said...

Save Temptation Ice Cream! Save Middle Western Vegans!
This email has been going around. I don't know what “shelf space” means but it sounds like losing it would be a bad thing.



We are going to lose our shelfspace in the midwest region of Whole Foods

#1. GO BUY SOME ASAP, because this might be the last time you can. Pints are going for only $2.37 because it is being discontinued. Vote for us with your pocketbook.

#2: Call the Midwest Regional Whole Foods Market office at 773.755.1500: Be nice and let them know you love Temptation and want to buy it all summer long! Vote for us with your Voice!

#3: Find your LOCAL Whole Foods store and tell the manager you want us on the shelf! (Find your local store here:

#4: TELL SOMEONE ABOUT US. Have them contact Whole Foods. We are a special vegan company… a)ONLY one made on vegan equipment. b)ONLY ones using Fair Trade Certified ingredients c)ONLY ones supporting the local grassroots animal rights activists d)WAY FREAKING MORE VEGAN THAN OTHER BRANDS!!!

Whole Foods Market has been a great friend in our efforts to bring a unique 100% vegan ice cream to customers in the Midwest. Lower sales in the entire category have forced all brands into a smaller amount of freezer space, and we are going to suffer. It's not easy to run a company ethically and entirely vegan. The other products are all made at dairies and we don't think that's too cool.

If we, somehow, manage to maintain our shelf space, you can trust we'll have the MOST INSANE SUMMER PARTY YET… WITH PLENTY OF FREE ICE CREAM! BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! THIS WEEK! TODAY! (VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN.. TRUE CHICAGO STYLE)

Otherwise, keep fighting the good fight… but it's not over. We can get this shelf space back, but it's in your hands. Please, please… make a call, buy a pint… or we're gone in the Midwest (Our home).

(Product is still available at independent health food stores and Whole Foods Market in OTHER regions, and soon WHOLE FOODS MID-ATLANTIC)

From the bottom of our hearts… Thanks for your help.
-Ryan and Dan

Chicago Soydairy / Temptation VEGAN ice cream.”

Anonymous said...

are you saying that low sales of temptation in the mid west is due to the whole ice cream conspiracy?

drBombay said...

no what im sayiing is that
1) Temp's or Wheeler's can not call use the word ice cream- They can but it will not be in super markets- The dairy world has a lock on most large super markets-

2) selling any product in the market is based on shelf space and if you are being told that where
ever you try to place your product Big Daddy is going to BUY the shelf space that you need. We all get F***D Because the public will never get the ice cream-
what was posted on the blog was a notice letting Big Daddy know that wheeler's ice cream company
knows the "game" and they should stop now.

Just let us vegans have awesome "ice cream".

For the record the only people that can change this are the super markets, which you know they wont because the large companies pay huge amounts of money to keep Temp and Wheelers out of the freezer.

ie Wheelers is a bigger threat to Big Daddy because of the taste.

Get your hands on some and you will understand why some much heat.

vko said...

I have read the original post a few times over and it seems to clearly state that Wheeler's will be making dairy frozen yogurt & a limited amount of dairy ice cream- now I seem to gather from the other comments that it is not true?

Why has this become so confusing? Why is the original post no longer true?

Whatever it is, it's confusing & unsettling.

Anonymous said...

i've tried wheelers, it's good, but hard to get. i appreciate the ice cream politics that have been discussed but at this point it almost seems like an exclusive product, a few lucky people get the ice cream but the majority don't, the whole thing is almost too hipster-y for me. i'd like to be able to support a local vegan business but in this case how does one do that? i've emailed and asked to buy but was told that you can't. which makes me return to my previous statement, it all just seems like a lot of drama and hype. all these new flavors that i'm told to try, but can't. the promise of recipes for products that i can't buy. insider statements made on blogs to show "big daddy ice cream" that wheelers knows the score. isn't the whole ice cream/frozen desert thing just semantics? doesn't it all seem like a little much?

Eric said...

FWIW, you can't get Temptation at the WFM near me anymore, either. My soy [i]ice cream[/i] consumption has gone wayyyy down as of late.

drBombay said...

anonymous-- this is the whole point they are trying to ge it into people's hands but larger ice cream companies are doing everything in their power to keep it from YOU-

The funny thing is bloggers like VKO were asked if they wanted samples of the ice cream? And write a review in hopes of making a better product.

mr anonymous who wrote... you emailed Wheelers for them to send you some ice cream? How much did they tell you they would charge? why did they say you couldn't have any?

drBombay said...

Eric from LA can you please share with your fellow vegans the rise of Pinkberry and all of the clones?

Anonymous said...

it's miss anonymous.
i asked if i could buy some from them. they simply said that wheelers couldn't be purchased. that was it.

wheeler shopped his product around to restaurants, no? why aren't any vegan restaurants serving his product? surely some of the local boston restaurants must be interested.

drBombay said...

sorry miss-

you should ask the owners of the res in Boston?

And if you live in Boston you should know that you can call Wheelers and get free ice cream anytime of the day. Tons of people do it?

The numbers on the blog-

Anonymous said...

although i do live in boston, i didn't know about that. how exactly would i have? without your condescending help, i'd be lost.

keith rocka said...
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vko said...

Dr. Bombay

When was I asked to sample & review their ice cream? I would have been happy to do so and would still be happy to do. My comment was just that the whole back & forth with the original post & the followup posts were confusing and a bit of a turn-off. However, I do understand having to make nice with the big boys- it was just such a strange way to do so...again, I am still happy to try the product because I have yet to sample it.

Anonymous said...

Today's Boston Now features an article on Wheeler's. The last sentence says "Wheeler's also offers milk-based designer ice creams upon request". Strange....I'm surprised the reporter would say this, since you are now saying you are 100% vegan.

Anonymous said...

A link to the article describing the animal milk-based ice cream.

Um, not vegan, Wheeler!

Ravenfire said...

So, I'm still very confused on all of this. Are you going to remain a 100% vegan company or is it true that you will be making diary ice cream upon request? The answer can't be both.