Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank You, Boston Folks!

Wow! We sure had a fantastic time at our hometown event last night. Everything went off without a hitch, and attendance was excellent! We want to thank everyone who helped make our construction party such a success: those who came, saw, and conquered their craving for the perfect vegan ice cream! We had such a good turnout, and we really appreciate your presence at our little gatherings.

We are also so very grateful to The Conscious Kitchen's Emilie for providing those delicious cookies. They were perfect! You've always been so good to us, and we're so glad you're around.

We hope everyone had a blast as well! And we definitely hope we'll be seeing your smiling vegan faces in the shop again when it opens. :)


Anonymous said...

any idea when the shop will open for real? i'm not even vegan but i was totally knocked out by your amazing desserts! better than dairy, definitely. also, could you maybe recap the flavors offered the other night? they were great, but i didn't catch all the names.

thanks so much for the event, and for putting out such an unbelievable product!!!

Rhea said...

It was a lot of fun. A vegan friend of mine invited me and I am sold on your ice cream!!!! The champagne flavor rocked.

Triple A said...

I thought it would be open. Darn. I was making a trip into Boston tonight, and was going to come early just to get some ice cream. When will they really open?