Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wheeler del Torro, Wheeler's Frozen Dessert Co. reviewed on Vegan in the Sun: Caribbean Vegan Delights!

Hi everyone! The awesome blog, Vegan in the Sun: Caribbean Vegan Delights reviewed a recipe out of The Vegan Scoop for soursop ice cream. The post has some beautiful pictures so we advise everyone to check it out!

"The milky thick texture of the soursop makes it an excellent fruit for a creamy ice cream based. I purchased some cookbooks last week and one I was reading through was the Vegan Scoop by Wheeler del Torro. In the book is a bunch of island flavours but I did not see the more obvious one soursop. I took it upon myself to make a soursop ice-cream recipe this morning..."

Read the full article here!

Thank you, Vegan in the Sun!


caribbeanvegan said...

No thank you for this great book. I have my avocados here for this weekend.I am very curious about avocado ice cream. The soursop ice cream was great using your base of course. Even after cooking the ice cream had set like a pudding without refrigerating it.Thanks for visiting my little corner on the web.