Friday, September 11, 2009

The Vegan Scoop featured in VegNews Magazine!

Hi everyone! We'd like to thank VegNews, the premier magazine to focus on a vegetarian lifestyle, for featuring us in their latest edition. Check out the blurbs below! Full transcript follows.

What are the chances that two vegan ice cream cookbooks would be published this summer? For fans of the frozen concoction, it's a fantasy come true.

By Wheeler del Torro, founder of the Boston-based vegan ice cream microbrewery that bears his (first) name--is downright delicious in every way. Pick up this book, as it is impossible to give it justice in a review: it must be seen, tested, and tasted to be fully experienced. Del Torro tells tales of Parisian models and 387-pound nightclub owners whom he met on his journey to veganism and the founding of Wheeler's Frozen Dessert Company. Scoop provides 150 (count 'em!) recipes, and that's just the beginning. Milks: soy, almond, cashew, coconut, and rice. Flavors: a full 50 different fruits and veggies, everything from acai to yams. More? Del Torro's "second string" of legumes, nuts, and seeds throws 15 more flavors into the mix; spices, herbs and flowers another 22. That's about a googol of zesty combos. Nearly each recipe page also includes a tasty tidbit (i.e., a single chocolate chip provides sufficient energy for an adult to walk 150 feet) and many also offer serving suggestions. Seven chapters categorize his innovations, from Classic (Rocky Road) to Asian (Wasabi) to Aphrodisiacal (Mojito Sorbet). Scoop is a giant banana split that you will have trouble finishing, but try you must.

Thanks again! Be sure to pick up your copy of VegNews everyone! Or CLICK HERE to subscribe!