Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert Co. Featured in the Dayton Daily News!

Hi everyone! We've received a great review for our vegan ice cream in the Dayton Daily News! Vick Mickunas was kind enough to sample some of our ice cream and write up a glowing article about us.

" ... Ice cream is a rare treat at my house. Perhaps twice a month I enjoy a few scoops of that delectable stuff. Call it a guilty pleasure.

What makes ice cream taste so darned good? The flavors are important. The textures really add to the esthetic joy of devouring a big bowl of it. And I have always felt that the quality of the cream in the ice cream is essential. Would you agree?

How can you make good ice cream without cream (or any dairy product)? I didn’t think it was possible. I’m wrong ..."

To continue reading, visit the Dayton Daily News website or click here to go immediately to the article.

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