Friday, December 21, 2007

New Review! Emilie from The Conscious Kitchen

You may all remember the last time our local bff Emilie over at The Conscious Kitchen reviewed some of our ice creams. The resulting massively gorgeous set of pictures of phenomenal brownie sundaes would be hard to forget. She's been so awesome to us the past few months, and we office staff even got a chance to meet her at Cultural Survival's winter bazaar a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, she's been at it again and has done another beautiful review for us with tons of high-quality photographs. Be sure to check it out!

"Since they are creative vegan ice cream mavericks who have designed more ice cream flavors than I can fathom and who are always looking for new flavors, our vanilla request probably bored them to tears, but they came through with style, offering up this perfectly textured, deeply flavorful ice cream...."

Thanks again, Emilie!


Emilie said...

haha! i like the position of "local bff" --that's a post that comes with more ice cream, right??? right?! (i might be getting adicted...) anyway, closer to the mark is probably "local drooling devotee" since i can only stand in awe of your delicious goods!