Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shop Hours July 9-13

Hi everyone! Our shop hours are a little different this week, so be sure to check the following schedule before stopping by.

Wednesday July 9: 1PM-9PM
Thursday July 10: 1PM-9PM
Friday July 11: 1PM-9PM
Saturday July 12: 1PM-9PM
Sunday July 13: 1PM-9PM

Hope to see you soon!


Greenconsciousness said...

To fellow vegetarians:

I loved White Wave tofu not imported tofu made in China that stinks when you open the package and has the consistency of plastic. I ate a tub a day of White Wave (bought out years ago by Dean Food Products)- firm organic. Well guess what?

Dean stopped making White Wave tofu in order to sell their soybeans for ethanol at much higher prices. They continue making Silk "milks" and some over processed tofu products. They will probably phase these out also. This is an insult to their consumers who now have to try to eat Wes Soy which the giant supermarkets are using as a substitute. Wes Soy is a disgusting tofu. Or we must use imported disgusting tofu which smells and really is plastic.

Think of all the people who will try this once and never eat tofu again. Dean not only exploits and tortures millions of cows but in light of all their ads about health and quality has now decided to thumb their nose at humans who depended on them in places where nothing else fresh and pure is available.

So don't buy their hype about their concern for our health. Boycott Dean Products.

Luckily I found Bountiful Bean tofu from Simple Soyman distributes in my area. And Mori Nu which is vacuum packed is pretty good. But both are much more expensive. AND companies like Dean will take over small companies like White Wave and Simple Soyman just to get their hands on the soybeans they use. FOR PROFIT - the quick influx of cash before America figures out that it can use non food leafy products for fuel.

We must begin to organize to protect our main source of protein.

I think the first step is to boycott all Dean Products - to get our friends who buy their milk or butter to switch brands - write them a letter and tell them why.

We need legislation to subsidize farmers who raise soybeans for food rather than fuel.

And we must demand that leaf and woods burned in California for no use at all - burning animals in the process, and other places instead be brush cleared for fuel instead.
Boycott Dean Products

So don't buy their hype about their concern for our health

Greenconsciousness said...

I might have mixed up ethanol with bio fuel but one of them and the greed of corporate agriculture made my tofu disappear

BrookeLynn said...

I would love to know when you're going to have cool flavors like heath bar crunch, moose tracks & cookie dough.

dinkfeet said...

How about hours for this week? I'm craving some Wheelers!

Crazy Vegan Mom said...

I am going to be nearby today. I am hoping you are open and I will be able to stop by and try some of your flavors for my blog.

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